How is it that one minute I think my husband is an annoying idiot and the next I couldn’t love him anymore?

Due to the fact I’m breast feeding Marlowe I’m the one who has to pull the night shifts of parenting. At almost 7 months old he’s still feeding a lot during the night so I’m pretty damn tired most of the time. Most days I cope and get through whichever way I can without a grumble, but some days I just lose my s**t and the husband usually is my number one target!
There is something about seeing my husband all snuggled up in the duvet, snoring his head off that drives me crackers. Even a crying baby and me turning the light on and changing Marlowe’s nappy doesn’t disturb the husband one bit. Even when I accidentally (on purpose) drop a large tub of sudocrem from a height onto him….nope nothing!
99% of the time once I’ve had my first coffee of the morning, I’ve forgotten the rubbish night sleep I’ve had and I’m good to go and full of the joys of spring.
That 1% of the time though I’m like a bulldog chewing a wasp and the husband is the worst person in the world for actually getting a good night sleep.
Today was one of those days, and having been up since 4:30 am, by the time the husband and Matilda get up I’m already in a foul mood.
Matilda and I fell out pretty quickly over the fact it’s freezing cold and she didn’t want to wear tights to school.
Her reason for this is she wanted to show her best friend her plaster on her knee. A plaster the size of a tea towel that she insisted I put on her to cover her minuscule graze.
I gave in and put said plaster on her knee as she refused to get in the bath without it, as dipping her teeny tiny graze in the water seemed to provoke some kind of exorcist reaction in her.
Anyway after five minutes of shouting over ‘tights gate’ she calmed down and drew me a lovely picture.
The husband was still getting the cold shoulder and I get even more annoyed that every morning before work he gets a hot shower, breakfast, cup of tea and then spends 20 minutes in the bathroom with the door closed in utter peace. I can’t do anything without Matilda trailing behind me with the word ‘mum’ being uttered out of her mouth every 2 seconds and I haven’t closed the bathroom door without being disturbed in over 4 years.
The husband is a pretty grumpy git in the mornings, I’ve no idea why after the tranquil sleep he has.
However as soon as he has his work shoes and bag on and flask in hand he turns into Mary bloody Poppins. He kisses us all, wishes us a lovely day and practically skips out of the door.
This morning I grumbled a goodbye to him whilst muttering under my breath what an idiot he was.
A couple of hours later I hear him creep back in the door with a grin on his face and a hot coffee in his hand just for me. There you go; idiot to best husband ever in a second.
He may be rubbish with words and a deep sleeper but he knows when I’ve had a tough night and he knows exactly how to fix it. This is why I love the grumpy sod so much.
Caffeine inhaled, smile on my face and I’m back to feeling so blessed for everything I have.