This blog post is a bit of a thank you to some incredibly special ladies that are now a part of my life every single day. The strange thing may be that I haven’t met a single one of them.
Whilst pregnant with Marlowe I joined a birth board online to chat with other pregnant ladies due the same month I was. After several months into our pregnancies a few of us set up a what’s app chat and initially I thought it would fizzle out, but here we are about 8 months later and not a day goes by that we don’t chat. In fact we chat a lot about everything and anything!
We have shared so much together from our last weeks of being pregnant, to going into labour and having our babies, relationships and ups and downs of being a mummy.
I have grown to care so much about all of these girls and their babies and to know that there is always someone there for me day or night is one of the nicest feelings ever.
Being a mum can be so exhausting, overwhelming, emotionally draining but so amazing and I get to share every step of the way with these girls.
They give great advice, make me laugh, and make me feel normal that I haven’t washed my hair in a week and that my diet still consists entirely of coffee and cake.
I suppose what I’m trying to say is that friends don’t have to be someone you physically have to make the effort to meet up with when you’re feeling like garbage and don’t want to face the outside world they can be anyone, anywhere. I highly recommend birth boards if you are a mum or soon to be mum and just want a bit of advice or even somewhere to have a good moan.
If you are a parent you will know that google is the most turned to place for advice. I think my google search history after having Matilda consisted entirely of ‘why won’t my 3 month old sleep?’ ‘Why won’t my 3 month, 1 day old sleep?’ ‘Can you die from a lack of sleep?’ ‘Is it illegal to smother my sleeping husband with a pillow?’ etc etc…
This time my girls are my google and I owe them so much. They’ve even been so supportive of my new business and have been kitting their babies out in my goods!
Until we meet for real, thank you Claire, Jo, Sarah, Naomi, Elle, Alicia, Aileen, Maz and Samman and all your wonderful babies x